EX Grade Purging Compound

EX Grade is our strongest-cleaning purging compound for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines. EX Grade is glass-filled to provide excellent scrubbing of carbon and / or color deposits while especially designed to leave less purging compound residue behind. EX Grade is suitable for purging a wide range of commodity, engineering, and super-engineering resins. EX is especially recommended for helping prevent machine overhauls or for facilitating screw-pulls if they are mandatory.

arrow High Detergency arrow Glass-filled
arrow Styrenic-Based
arrow Resins Purged: Most commodity and engineering resins within the processing temperature range.
arrow EX Grade is ideal for hard to purge resins requiring maximum deposit removal
arrow Generally NOT recommended for hot runner cleaning and sealing due to its glass content
arrow For Extrusion, screen packs (mesh) should be removed when purging
arrow EX Grade should not be left idle in a machine at any temperature for any period of time, as decomposition may occur.
EX See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar U, UP, HPE, SX, PFPX2
Material Changes checkmark U, UP, E, SX, PFPX2
Hot Runner Cleaning   U, UP, HPE, PF
Shutdown/Sealing   U, UP, HPE, PF
Clear/Low Residue Applications   E, U
High Temperature Resins checkmark SX, PFPX2
Low Temperature Resins   E
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmark U

Processing temperature: 390°F to 680°F (200°C to 360°C) Please speak to a Technical Sales representative for further information on hot runner gate and extrusion die clearances.

Tips when using ASACLEAN:

arrow ASACLEAN does not work by chemical reaction.
arrow No soak time or hold-up time is required for an effective purge
arrow For maximum performance, ASACLEAN should not be diluted with other materials.
arrow ASACLEAN works best with maximum agitation. Use the maximum safe screw speed and for injection molding also use maximum safe back pressure with the screw in the most forward position.