ASACLEAN purging compound was developed in 1990 by the Research and Development laboratories of Asahi Kasei Corporation. It is based on Asahi‚Äôs technological expertise in the manufacturing of engineering plastics and formulated with ingredients that are specifically designed to clean molding and extrusion machines. Most other commercial purging compounds are simply a physical mixture of general commodity resin (PE) and various additives. This type of purging compound is not as effective as a purging compound designed to have an affinity for a wide variety of materials. Some purging compounds contain cast acrylic resin in order to increase the cleaning power. Since cast acrylic does not melt completely, this could cause machine damage and leave high amounts of residue behind. Still other liquid-type or chemical reaction purges require mixing and/or soaking. Asaclean requires neither mixing nor soaking time. It’s easy and safe to use. Click the links to the left to learn why ASACLEAN is the better choice.